Colour Management & Workflow

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Colour Management & Workflow

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Xpres Plus offer complete colour management setup and workflow solutions.

Approximately 75% of large format printing companies experience colour accuracy and colour matching difficulties in the first year of operation. Introductions of new media, ink and equipment can cause variances in colours from job to job, resulting in high wastage.
Controlling your colour management is key to high quality and consistent output. Specific management for your systems and environment allow for a wider colour gamut and reduced ink costs, whilst allowing for correct colour output first time around.

Please see below for full details of what Xpres Plus can offer.

Maximise workflow and colour accuracy, to improve efficiency and profitability

• Save up to 20% in ink costs and media wastage

• Increase production speeds

• Correct colour accuracy across all your printing equipment

• Matching corporate colours with ease

• Increased colour gamut

• Colour match from existing media and textiles

• Integrate new and existing printers with colour balancing across systems

All major wide and grand format printers and RIP software covered

• EFI, Aeoon, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Epson

• Caldera, Onyx, Wasatch, Agogee, Asanti, Versaworks, Rasterlink, TxLink, Ergosoft and more

• Pigment, Sublimation, Solvent, DTG, UV

Media and Textiles

Xpres Plus offer a comprehensive range of media and textiles. All of which can colour managed professionally at your location to achieve accurate and vibrant colour output.

Using Xpres supplied media with the correct ICC setup can save up to £1199 per year.

See here for Xpres media and textile range.

Colour management explained

Effective colour management involves the use of colour profiles and reference colours because different devices may use the same colour number for different shades. Properly implemented colour management means that the colour you see on your monitor is what comes out of your printer.

Input, display and output devices do not interpret digital colour the same way. Furthermore, whilst monitors, cameras and scanners use RGB colour; for the most part printers use CMYK inks or a variation on those to produce colour.

The range (the gamut) of colours that can be created using red green and blue light is different from the range of colours which can be created by ink on paper. So, when images from the screen are reproduced on inkjet printing systems, the colours are very unlikely to match without some intervention. This is where colour management comes in allowing for maximised control of colour from the original file, through to print output.

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